An Article by The Star Property

THERE will soon be wider lanes and new road access to help reduce traffic congestion in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, once the mixed-development project along Jalan 17/29 is completed.

Named Biji Living, the 0.8ha freehold project which is bordered by Jalan 17/44, Jalan 17/27, Jalan 17/38 and Jalan 17/29, is scheduled for completion either end of 2017 or early 2018.

The developer, Kampung Manis Realty Sdn Bhd which is part of the Conlay Group of Companies, will be upgrading the roads in line with their project development.

“We will be building a road access from Sprint Highway to Jalan 17/38, direct to the entrance of the upper level parking area to make it easier for visitors to the area.

“They do not have to drive around the area to look for a parking spot and this will also reduce traffic congestion there,” said Conlay’s director Lim Lian Chee.

In addition, traffic around the square will also be changed to one-way to ease traffic and allow for wider lanes.

“We have submitted plans to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) to see if we can cover the monsoon drains nearby for road widening purposes.

“Discussions are still ongoing and it is still subject to MBPJ’s approval,” he said.

Recently, there have been numerous complaints from residents and hawkers in the area about the worsening traffic congestion; in which motorists have been seen stuck in for almost 20 minutes at times.

This congestion has also caused a drop in business for the 128 morning and 27 night market traders who are temporarily trading on the street along Jalan 17/29, until the new market complex is completed.

The new market complex will be built beside the mixed-development high-rise project on the land where the old Sentosa cinema used to be.

Once it is completed, the market complex will be handed over to MBPJ to handle and operate.

“We are working with MBPJ to build the new market, it is not actually part of our mixed-development project,” said Lim.

He added that the piece of land where their development is located used to be a very popular hangout for youths; especially for Universiti Malaya students in the early 1990s, who used to frequent the cinema and hawker food stalls there.

“I used to go to the cinema regularly when I was a university student until it was burnt down.

“It was sad because the cinema and food in the area were popular with university students,” he said.

Lim added that he still goes back there occasionally for the food. While most of the hawkers there are already second-generation traders, there are still a few first-generation traders operating at the place.

“We understand the special attachment some people have with this place; that is why we want to revive the place by redeveloping this area,” said Conlay Land Sdn Bhd senior property development manager Erwin Ho.

He added that this new development comprising two tower blocks with 425 units would blend in well with the houses in the neighbourhood which were built in the late 1960s.

A survey done by the developer showed that most residents in Section 17 and the neighbouring area are open to the idea of buying a new unit near their homes.

“This survey is reflected on our registration bookings where most of them are bought by locals in the area,” said Ho.

Residents will also get a new community mall which will take up two floors below the service apartments.

When the development is completed, Conlay will be working with MBPJ to add more street parking bays once the roads around the development are turned into one- way lanes.

Story and Photos by BRENDA CH’NG